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Camilla's birth wasn't without its obstacles. Her mom Diana fought for her life at every step of the way.

When they found out that a new sibling was on the way, Diana's children screamed with excitement. But when Diana first found out she was pregnant, she felt fear.

She wasn't expecting to get pregnant, and she had diabetes, which increases risk for pregnancy complications. She was afraid that her sugar levels would get too high and would harm her baby.

Diana received prenatal care through our 17th CenteringPregnancy cohort. Meeting with her group over the course of her pregnancy helped soothe Diana's concerns. "I loved it a lot, sharing the experience with others and all that we were overcoming and what we hoped for. I'd had a child before, but I still had questions. The Providers answered all of them and cleared up a lot of doubts. I really enjoyed the experience!"

Thanks to her care team, Diana was able to keep her diabetes in check during her pregnancy . Compared to her other pregnancy experiences, Diana felt that this time around, she was better prepared and more comfortable.

When it came time for delivery, Diana had a difficult experience. Most concerning, her new baby girl, Camilla, had multiple seizures after her birth. An EKG showed that Camilla had bleeding in her brain, likely caused by labor trauma. Baby Camilla was rushed to a neurologist and began receiving treatment to prevent future seizures.

Several weeks later, Diana shared her difficult birth experience with her Centering group during their reunion meeting. She was relieved to be surrounded by such a supportive group of women.

Today, baby Camilla is doing well. Camilla's siblings love helping take care of her!

When Diana thinks about her daughter's future, she "hopes that she continues growing well, and that she'll have a normal life, with no consequences from her seizures."

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