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Because of you, CCI Health & Wellness Services has the privilege of helping tens of thousands individuals and their families every single day.

Your support allows our caregivers to touch the lives of thousands – whether patients are facing an urgent need, a devastating disease, or seeking to improve their quality of life. Anna is one such patient that your compassion has benefited.

Anna was referred to CCI Health & Wellness Services after she learned that she was HIV-positive. An HIV diagnosis alone is overwhelming, but Anna was also more than 6 months pregnant with her first child, she was a newly-arrived refugee, and she spoke very little English. The outlook wasn't good.

CCI assigned her a seven-person care team to handle every aspect of her complex situation, including her behavioral health needs. Once she received her care plan, Anna followed through with determination. She showed up for every appointment and took her medications every day, every dose, just as prescribed. Though Anna was overwhelmed and afraid, she never gave up. Her due date approached quickly, and the CCI team made sure that her delivery hospital had all of the information they needed.

I remember there were lots of times where she came in and just needed to talk about what she was feeling. There were times she would just cry. She was able to say, and I remember very clearly, she said: "I'm afraid I'm going to die."- Emily P. RN

Anna gave birth to a healthy baby. Soon after, she brought her child to CCI Health & Wellness Services to meet everyone in her care team. After several tests confirmed that the baby was HIV-negative, they celebrated together. Anna and her baby continue to receive care at CCI Health & Wellness Services today.

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